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Wild West Water Gun Shoot Out

A favorite!!!! Your guests will want to play this again and again!
Divide your cowboys/girls into 2 teams. Each line stands behind a large galvanized tub filled with water. 3...2...1! Fill yer guns up with water and see who can knock all the cans down first! Each person must knock them down & then set them up for the next person. The first team to finish is the winner!
Water Gun Shoot Out comes with:
2 saw horses
10 Tin Cans
2 water guns
Large Galvanized Tub for the 2 teams to refill their water guns
Cream Can & Sign (*Cream Can does not have cowboy boot on it)

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Wooden Arch

Wooden Arch
Top comes apart for easy transport (3 pieces)
Takes minutes to put together

Arches / Ceremony Doors / Pillars / Head Table Backdrop, Most Popular Rentals, Nautical & Northwoods, Western, Mexican Fiesta, Winery/Vineyard
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Wooden cart

Wooden Cart
SUPER FUN for a cute snack or refreshment cart!
Two sides fold down as shown in photo
Can use with both sides up for a round table top or put one side down.
We have many fun options to use on top for serving & displaying snacks or refreshments!
2ft. 5in. long x 2ft. 3in. high x 1ft. 5in.w (both side table leaves down)
The width with both table leave up for a round table top is 3ft. 1in.

Most Popular Rentals, Sofas, Chairs & Furniture, Ice Cream/Sweets, Western
cart- $25
platter. tropcial party.

2 ft. Platter

This large wooden Platter has a diameter of 2 ft.!

Western, Winery/Vineyard, Serving Pieces, Luau/Tropical
vintage wedding. wedding. rustic barn wedding.

Antique Candle Holder w/mason jar

Great accent piece.
Fill mason jar with utensils or candy!
6" h x 6" w

Accessories, Western
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Antique Saw Horses

Antique Saw Horses
2 available
Rents for $12ea.
Super cute with a wooden gate or door on the top for a snack bar or refreshment bar!
Each one measures 2ft. 9in. tall x 2ft. 10in. wide

Fun entry signs with a banner on them!

Sofas, Chairs & Furniture, Western, Mexican Fiesta
popcorn bar. apple basket. rustic wedding. vintage wedding

Apple Basket #1

Brown Apple Basket
1 ft. diameter x 8 inches high
Works great for lining with plastic liner and filling with popcorn!

Baskets, Crates, & Wooden Trays, Western
apple basket. popcorn bar. vintage wedding. rustic bar.

Apple Basket #3

Natural Apple Basket with Handles
Just add a plastic liner and fill with popcorn for an adorable Rustic Popcorn Bar container!
14" diameter x 11" high

Baskets, Crates, & Wooden Trays, Western
apple basket. rustic basket. farm basket. rustic popcorn bar. rustic wedding

Apple Basket #4

Large Natural Apple Basket
17 inch diameter x 11 1/2 inches tall

Baskets, Crates, & Wooden Trays, Western
rustic basket. apple basket. rustic popcorn bar. rustic wedding.

Apple Basket #5

Large Natural Apple Basket
17 1/2 inch diameter x 1 foot high

Baskets, Crates, & Wooden Trays, Western