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S'mores Grouping #8

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Vintage Wedding Rental: 

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apple baskets, small baskets, apple basket
$1.50 each
rustic wedding. galvainized tubs. barrels. popcorn bar. rustic wedding. vintage wedding.
Rustic Oval Barrel Set- $8
Barrel, wooden barrel, wine barrel
$7 w/o grapes $12 w/ grapes
rustic wedding. burllap runner. vintage runner.
$1.50 each / 16 available
photo boards. picture board. photo display
$15 each / $25 for set of 2
Stuffed Cow- ($6) Cow Stool- ($4) Set- ($10)
westeren. vintage wedding. rustic wedding. table runners
set of 12- $5 (each are 4ft. long)
western party. western theme. cowboy party. western props
$8/ with personalized sign or frame $15

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