At All the Rage, we have a large inventory of fun and unique rental items that can help make your event complete. Whether you need to rent an entire theme or only a few accent pieces, we have what you are looking for at prices that won’t break the bank. Many of our rental items are one of a kind and can’t be found anywhere else. Need a theme? Not sure what items you will need to rent? Let our event design team help you customize your party with our props! Some of the themes we can create with our props include Wild Wild West, Luau/ Tropical, Beach, Mexican Fiesta, Hollywood Night, Ice Cream Treat, Picnic, Red Hat, 60, 70s or 80s Night, Princess/Royalty, holiday and many more. No need to search for decorations and supplies you may never use again. From tiki huts, to large rustic barrels, centerpieces, props and inflatable décor, All the Rage is your one stop shop for theme decorations. We also have Do it Yourself party packages available to rent.

How do I get started?
Let us know your wedding date and browse our website or visit us here at All the Rage to make a wish list of our various rental items you think you may want for your event. We will then check our inventory and availability for the items on your wish list and email it to you with the rental prices. There is a $50 minimum rental requirement.

How do I reserve items for my date?
Once you decide on the rental items you would like for your event‚ we will email an updated itemized rental contract with the total amount due for you to verify‚ print and sign.The signed itemized rental contract and deposit will lock in your rentals for your event so they will be reserved for you. We require a deposit check of half down to be mailed with the itemized rental contract if your rentals are over $100. Payment in full is the required deposit if your rental total is $100 or less. Once the deposit is received and cleared‚ any cancellation will result in forfeit of deposit. Any remaining balance will be due upon pick up of the rentals.

Can I change items on my rental order?
We understand that once and awhile there is a need for a change so we are happy to offer you a credit for another rental if a change needs to be made once your rentals are reserved. We are not able to offer a refund as the rentals have been reserved and marked as unavailable for others to rent for that date.

Can you help me with ideas and/or suggestions?
Absolutely! Although some brides know exactly what they are looking for‚ others may need a little inspiration or a couple suggestions. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have or help you formulate ideas. We love to help as we have a passion for decorating!

Who do I make my check out to and where do I send it?
Checks can be made to All the Rage and mailed to 4825 W. 124th St., Savage, MN 55378.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Do you require a security deposit?
Yes. We need a copy of a valid drivers license and a credit card for a security deposit. We hold the number until after the event. After the event‚ we inspect the rental items to make sure everything has been returned and in the condition as you rented it. Please note that all items should also be returned washed‚ cleaned‚ and laundered or a cleaning charge will be assessed. Items need to be returned in the same container and wrap as when picked up. If everything is accounted for and in proper‚ clean condition, no charges will be assessed. If we need to deduct for damage‚ cleaning‚ or loss‚ we will contact you with a total.

Do you expect normal wear and tear on the rentals?
Yes. We understand that they are rentals and a small amount of wear and tear may occur‚ but need to be inspected for noticeable damage when returned. We understand that things can and will happen‚ but need to charge for damage or replacement of pieces if damaged or lost as many items have already been reserved for other events. We do‚ however‚ expect items to be returned cleaned and washed or we will need to charge a cleaning fee. Rental items (includeing) packing boxes and material must be protected from all weather elements while the rentals are in your care. Please keep this in mind when transporting the rentals as well. We take great care to rent you the very best. Thank you in advance for returning our rental items in the same condition as when you picked them up and for your help in keeping our prices low!

What is required before picking up my rentals?
Before picking up the rentals‚ we will need the following things in our files or they will need to be done at pick up before loading the rentals. If not taken care of prior to pick up‚ make sure whoever is picking up your rentals is aware of this or they will not be able to pick up the rentals.

• Signed Itemized Rental Contract
• Payment in Full
• Damage Deposit CC on File
• Copy of Driver’s License
• Date & Time of Rental Return Confirmed
• Rental Contract Signed (This is done at the time of pick up)

Am I responsible for loading and transporting the rental items?
Yes. We will have the items inspected for any damage and recorded on the rental contract before you arrive. We will have our rentals packed and ready to load. You are responsible for loading and unloading of the rentals. Keep in mind‚ we have some heavy items‚ so you will want to bring help! We are always happy to help as much as we can‚ but you will want help. Also‚ make sure you will have enough room to pack what you rented as All the Rage is not responsible for determining how much will fit into your vehicle or any damage that occurs during transport. For your convenience‚ we do have straps available for rent if needed. You will‚ however‚ be responsible for lifting and strapping the items in for transport.

Do we need to set up a time for Picking up and Returning Our Rentals?
YES! Our set rental pick up time is Thursday mornings from 9:30-11:30 and some Friday mornings from 9:30-11:30. The rental return time is Monday mornings from 9:30-11:30. We realize many people travel a fair distance to All the Rage and want to make sure you are able to pick up or drop off your rentals once you arrive. If possible a specific time (in that time frame) is desired so our customers don't have to wait if several people show up at the same time to pick up their rentals. There will be a $100 late fee charge if rentals are not returned at the set time.
We understand that not all customers will be able to return during those time frames. A special appointment will have to be set for a return time. Weekend returns (with a pre-set appointment) will require a $25 charge to open up the store as we are usually closed for decorating events on weekends. All the Rage is open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and therefore we do not have regular office hours. A predetermined appointment with All the Rage is necessary when picking up AND returning your rentals for your event. We appreciate your promptness and a call if running more than 5 minutes behind or we can not guarantee your pick up or drop off time. Late arrivals of 15 minutes or more may need to be rescheduled with an additional charge of $100. Rentals are NOT TO BE LEFT UNATTENDED under any circumstances or you will be charged. All the Rage is not responsible for rentals left unattended without an appointment.

THANK YOU! Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions!