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Geometric Basket

Geometric Basket

12.5 inch diameter x 6 inches tall

Baskets, Crates, & Wooden Trays
wedding. great gastby. card box. program holder. gold

Gold Wire Basket

Beautiful Gold Wire basket has so many uses!
Use it as a card box or a program holder!
Fun to use on the buffet or snack table too! Great napkin holder!

Roaring 20s/Great Gatsby, Baskets, Crates, & Wooden Trays

Heart Card Box

This heart card box is perfect for a wedding!

9 inches wide x 11.5 inches tall

Baskets, Crates, & Wooden Trays


21 inch diameter, 6 inches deep

Baskets, Crates, & Wooden Trays, Banners, Signs, Windows, Screens, & Frames
large rustic crate. rustic sofa table. wedding. vintage wedding. rustic wedding. vintage furniture. rustic barn wedding. rustic bridal lounge

Large Rustic Crate

This weathered, rustic crate can serve as a coffee table for your bridal lounge or be used with other vintage pieces. Dimensions are 3 ft 6 inches long, 2 wide and 1 foot, 4 inches tall.

Sofas, Chairs & Furniture, Roaring 20s/Great Gatsby, Baskets, Crates, & Wooden Trays, Western, Mexican Fiesta, Winery/Vineyard, Pirate
ice cream party, ice cream  theme

Large White Wooden Tray

Great Serving Tray!
Use as in serving tray, snack tray, candy buffet, or to hold your party favors!
2 ft. long!

Baskets, Crates, & Wooden Trays, Ice Cream/Sweets, Serving Pieces
wicker basket. wicker bowl. vintage wedding. wedding. rustic wedding

Large Wicker Bowl

23 inch diameter
Large Wicker Bowl with raised base

Baskets, Crates, & Wooden Trays

Metal Wire Tray

20 in. long x 1 ft. wide

Baskets, Crates, & Wooden Trays
rustic wedding. wedding. vintage wedding. milk crate. rustic milk crate

Milk Crate

Rustic Milk Crate
1 ft. 2 in. l x 9 1/2 in. wide x 8 in tall (total height) Box is 4 in. tall

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mini drawers

These mini drawers have so many uses!
We love using them at the candy or snack buffet filled with your favorite goodies!
8 available

Baskets, Crates, & Wooden Trays